Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LG F100L Room Jellybean 4.1.2 Upgrade

                                     ...::::  Z  A  K  I  R G  S  M  :::...
Download requirement files:
  - Fix Sms for LG Vu F100L.rar (Please read instruction in zip file to fix sms 160)
   Extract all zip files.  zakir gsm
How to install:
 1. Install: LGUnitedMobileDriver_3.7.exe file to your PC 
 2. Install: AIO-P990-ToolKit_v5.5.exe  file in your PC
     - Download: hosts
     - Copy and overwrite hosts file to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc
       (It is important you have to do and please connect your PC to the internet before you start Step 3)
 3. Run: AIO-ToolKit from desktop in your PC then you will see this:
 4. Select an option by typing its number or letter: 6 and then letter: C
 5. Put your device to Download Mode by: Hold vol up +  and plug your device to PC 
     (see picture)
 6. Change some option like picture below:
     - Select Type: 3GQCT
     - Phone Mode: Emergency
     - Select KDZ file that you downloaded (it is .kdz file)
 7. Click on: Normal web upgrade test and then you will see picture below:
     - Click on: Upgrade Start
  8. You will see picture below:
     - Country: Different Country
     - Language: English
     - Click on: OK
  9. This picture will appear:
Don't disconnect your device you have to wait until your device auto reboot.
Note: If progress stuck in 4% or 5% please don't worry it is working so you just wait until your device auto reboot.
How to install Khmer Unicode on LG VuF100:
  1. In your device go to: setting--> security and then Tick Unknow sources
  2. Go to: setting--> developer options and then Tick USB Debugging
  3. Go to: setting--> PC connection--> USB connection type--> select MTP
  4. Go to: LG_ROOT_PACK folder and then Run: LG_Root_Pack.exe file
      (Follow by instruction...)
  5. After your device rebooted go to: setting--> PC connections--> USB Connection type--> Select 
      Mass Storage
  6. Copy: Kh LG F100L to your device
  7. Launch 2nd-init Recovery from Apps in your phone and install 2nd init CWM Recovery 
      then Reboot Recovery ( your device will reboot to Recovery mode)
  8. Select install zip from sdcard--> Choose Zip from sdcard--> Kh LG F100L> 
      Select: Yes- install Kh LG F100L
  9. Then ++++Go Back++++ and Reboot system now
 10. After your device already rebooted go to App Store and install Phum Keyboard for LG
 11. To enable Phum Keyboard to write khmer go to: setting--> Language & Input--> Tick Phum 
       Keyboard and set it as default keyboard
 Now you try to write sms in khmer or open web sites in browser on your phone and write khmer.



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