Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MF100 Unlock

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E250 Restart Solution

E250 Keypad way

1202 Keypad way

1202 Keypad way

Format Micromax Mobile without pc

All LG Factory Reset

LG GS102 hard reset

LG GS102 hard reset ZAKIR GSM

Dial 1809#*102# code then ==> factory reset
Dial 1809#*108# code then ==> factory reset
Resetting your GS102 cell phone ( Menu > Settings > Reset settings )
Use Reset to reset all the settings to their factory defi nitions. You need the security code to
activate this function. The default number is “0000”. You can use LG Mobile Support tool to repair some LG cell phone model, after download select menu Customer Support > Recovery Phone

If you know LG GS102 hard reset with buttons / keys pls leave comment.
When your phone has frozen, just take out battery, reinsert it, then power on your phone

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