Thursday, August 29, 2013

LG E405 Hard Reset Done

Lg E405 Hard Reset Done ...:::ZAKIR GSM:::...
Press & Hold Volume( - ) And Power Key 
100% Google Acount Removed

Monday, August 26, 2013

sky im-a740s hard reset

press volume down + search buttom and power buttom
w8 until show triangle android
click volume down w8 a second until show menu
select factory reset 

  1. ...:::ZAKIR GSM:::...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Samsung A877 At&t Direct Unlocked in Z3X Box

-select A821 in model selection
-must be in qualcomm mode
-use e210 cable usb+comport 
-tick sp unlock...!

Selected model: A821
Selected port: COM8 Z3X BOX Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Reading phone info... OK
Model: SGH-A877
Country code: ¹Ì±¹/ATT
Cal date: 2009-05-19
Factory SW: UCID3
Unique number: 80150000980323
Memory phone: KAV00500FM(A877)
Phone S/N: RUOZ273516
Reading IMEI... OK
IMEI: 358696035019549
Build: M6290A-KPMZL-1.2.003503T
Reading sysinfo... OK
Calculating... OK
Writing sysinfo... OK
Unlock done
Done with Samsung Tool v.15.2

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Samsung Android Rooting Methods

As basic start off this section i like to post some rooting methods.

I hope other user may continue to contribute there methods & ideas.

Model = "SAMSUNG I927 & I927R."
Method = "insecure boot"
File to download = DOWNLOAD
Version = work on all possible version.
howto = read me file attached in zip you download.

Model = "SAMSUNG I9100"
Method = "Custom recovery"
File to download = DOWNLOAD
Version = work on all possible version.
howto = read me file attached in zip you download.

Other method & models soon will be updated...:::ZAKIR GSM:::...

Galaxy S4 Sim-Unlocking

1. Dial *#0011#
2. press Menu then tap BACK
3. press the Menu again the tap KEY INPUT then enter 1, (wait a few seconds) it auto jumped into service menu.

4. press Menu then tap BACK (not needed for me)

Your are now in the SERVICE MODE MAIN MENU

Tap [1]UMTS (may auto go into next menu (mine did)

then tap [3]PERSO SHA256 OFF

Go back to the UMTS MAIN MENU by pressing Menu then Back (several times) 

then tap [6]COMMON

then [6]NV REBUILD (if this does not work next time)


the device will freeze, black screen, Blue LED Light, Menu and Back key ON. Wait for it to reboot (about a minute).

Your Samsung Galaxy I9505 is now Sim-Unlocked
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MxBox v3.5 Revision 2.6 Latest Setup Download

MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.6

...:::ZAKIR GSM:::...
NOKIA module updated to version 2.6

- added: WP8 support 
Refurbish Flashing support by USB
Recovery(Dead) Flashing support by USB

- added: Service Utility for WP8
Factory Reset without flashing
Read/Write Producttion Data(Product Code,PSN,HW version, etc ..)*
Read/Write WP8 NV items )*
Write CoverColor *

- added: SuperDongle Auth for WP8 phones
SuperDongle Auth is required to write important/secure data

- bugfixed: RAPUV2 security repair function

- revised internal fire module to enable download firmware package by product code

- added latest flash update v to setup

- minor bugfix

* Write function require SuperDongle Auth

SL3 Logger updated to version 2.6
- minor bugfix and improvements 

FIRE module updated to version 1.5
- minor bugfix and improvements

DOWNLOAD LINK MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.6
* rename file as .zip

Friday, August 2, 2013

How to update Huawei U8500 to froyo(android 2.2)?

This HOWTO describes the procedure to update Huawei U8500 firmware from eclair to froyo. The steps are simple.
  1. Download the firmware that is U8500 V100R001C278B712
  2. After the file is downloaded to your computer, extract it.
  3. The extracted folder will contain folder named dload which will contain file
  4. Copy the folder (dload) to the root of SD card. So that the directory path is ⁄sdcard⁄dload.
  5. Power off the phone.
  6. Press end key (key used to hang up the call) + volume up key + power button. The screen may read Update failed. If such is the case remove the battery, plug in the battery and try again. The phone will reboot after the firmware upgradation is sucessful and there you are with Froyo. Happy Froy

UFS New update

UFS New update Download

s5230 freeze problem 100% Success

s5230 freeze problem 
put a non accepted sim and
power on
show only 2 option 
press call u will look keypad then give freeze code and press # 
then ask fr net code then give net code and press # u r set will unlock

[NET LOCK]:97970868
[Subset LOCK]:00000000
[SP LOCK]:86480969
[CP LOCK]:00000000
Decrypted time: 41 sec
Elapsed time: 52 second, sw ver: 3.5.0040

Label 3