Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rockchip CPU Solution For Hang Problem/Pattern Problem/Password Without Adb

Rockchip CPU Solution For Hang Problem/Pattern Problem/Password Without Adb 

1] Connect your device first in bootmode 
[ there's a lot of bootmode on rockchip much better try all the buttons vol Down and power button / connect power on tablet to usb cable and press the rest hold/button / press menu button are connect usb cable / open tab and check on pcb have buttons pressed it and connect usb cable ]
2] Connect tab to p.c
3] RUN Software 
4] Do following steps


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GT-s 5282/5280 ROOT 4.1.2

This should work on both galaxy star. S5282 and S5280

Download CWM recovery
Download Odin
Download Super SU

Firstly, boot into odin mode by turn off your phone and wait 10 seconds. This is to ensure your phone has completely switched off.
Hold down power+volume down+home key. A screen will come asking you to continue. Press voume up key to continue.

Open odin as administrator and then click pda and choose recovery file downloaded from attachment. You will have to unzip the odin and recovery. Sometimes Odin wouldnot show files on desktop so make sure recovery is in DRIVE:/ANY NAME/ RECOVERY.TAR

Flash it by clicking start.

The phone will restart. 

Switch off phone again. This time boot into recovery by pressing this combination. Hold down power+volume up+home key You may leave power key after you see model number.

Choose flash zip via recovery and choose

Restart phone after flashing the zip


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